Boardshort Films is a good fit for S to M size productions, not so much L or XL. If you are in the greater NYC / NJ / Philly area and you need a run-and-gun shoot or a deep-dive day-in-the-life or a pop-up interview, then you and Boardshort Films will make a great pair!
Demo reel coming soon!
We look at everything (including pants) and think "this could be shorter". It doesn't matter what form your story is in—an idea, a script or a hard drive full of footage—we can cut your story down to just the right size and shape for your audience. 
Demo reel coming soon!
Color & Audio
We can make your brand stand out and your story be heard above the noise. In a short video, every frame matters! That's why we color grade with pixel-level precision and mix audio so it's clear, crisp and layered with sound effects.
Demo reel coming soon!
Graphics & VFX
We have all kinds of motion graphics tricks in our pockets. From logos and lower thirds, captions to callouts, titles to transitions; we can punctuate your message with smooth and stylish motion graphics. We can even storyboard and animate your next 2D animated video.
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