Short Video. More Views.

Increase viewership and engagement in less time.

We're Best Suited For...
Why Short Videos?
It just makes sense: short-form videos are more likely to be played, more likely to be watched in their entirety and more likely to be shared than long-form videos. 
We've all looked at the duration of a video before clicking play. We've all stared at the progress bar to see how much video is left. We've all been subjected to the social awkwardness of someone scrolling through a long video. Life's too short for that.
Boardshort Films is a good fit for brands that want to disrupt social media feeds with a visual spectacle that leaves people wanting more.
Do We Make Long Videos?
The short answer is yes.
We think of videos like clothing: the shorter the better. (Don't take the analogy too far.)
Clients We've Covered
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